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Alberto Nolano

My passion for tailoring, as often happens, stems from a need: to reconcile the family tradition of shirts with the requests of my own friends who wanted to wear tailor-made garments, something unique and designed for them.

So, after attending the Academy of Fashion for a short time and taking a pattern-making course for bespoke shirts, I decided to open my own workshop in the neighborhood where I grew up.

From here I started making handmade tailored shirts, revisiting the classic tailoring cut in a more contemporary way, harmonizing the lines and fit of the shirt with the body and shapes of my customers.

I like to think that I have started a new era of Neapolitan Tailoring; craftsmanship 4.0., with the mission of combining the future in the digital world with the sartorial tradition.

The Laboratory

My laboratory was born as a family-run project; with the help of my mother and professional embroiderers who work just as they once did. The secret of my garments lies in packaging them as it happened in the past, following the rules and the quality standard of Neapolitan Artisan Tailoring. Buttons, seams as well as the finishing of cuffs and collars are chosen with care and attention, starting from the highest quality raw materials.


Each customer's measurements, preferences, style and specific needs are integrated with great care with the best Italian materials. Mine is a "made to order" concept: on my e-shop you can order your standard shirts or if you prefer you can reach me in the laboratory to order shirts made purely to your size.